Migotos diesel



(N)Migoto’s Diesel


12th of Desember – 2008 – Died 23th of February 2008


NFO ns 09 22






EC (N)Josimo Anton Rampekvakk, NFO ds 09 22


(N)Lindbrekkas Steffi, NFO f 0922


Eva Dahl Eide




No one.


Didrick and Dedine.


Our dearest Diesel-boy has now crossed the rainbow bridge.
Here is Diesel 25th of January 2009

We are so frustrated, but this is how nature works, sadly. Now we have to experience the hard part of breeding – not all living creatures are made to stay in this world. Diesel was a cool kitten with a lot of personality. He was a kitten that liked us humans a lot, and he showed it both physically and by talking to us.

He has not showed any signs of being sick, until yesterday 22th of February 2009 when he suddenly would not eat and just lay flat on the ground doing nothing. We brought him to the vet early today and when she took a health check, she found out that his heart was not doing well, as well his lungs (beating asymmetric). We gave him an antibiotic shot, and hoped it will make him better. We thought that we would give him a day or two to see how he was developing – but he quickly became more ill, minute by minute. The vet said this was a normal age for a kitten with a heart failure to start to show signs because he started to get more size and body. Probably has there been a failure right from the very beginning of his life as a foster – but now at an age of soon 11 weeks,  his heart had no such capability to pump oxygen through his whole body when he was running, playing and eating. Therefore his lungs tried to keep up the oxygen need by breathing very fast and this made a lot of noise. We stayed with him the whole time, trying to let him sleep and eat something – but he would not. He wanted to purr and cuddle with us.. This sweet little boy.


This is just so frustrating. We want him so badly to be healthy, but at the same time we did not want to push him too much. Diesel was a wonderful promising kitten with such a personality – we did not want to let him go, but at the same time in his condition, we felt it was our responsibility to let him go and keep him free from the suffering his was going through. Later this day we decided that it was time to let him go, for real, and went to the vet. He fell asleep calm and relaxed – just as everyone should do when they are about to cross the rainbow bridge. The only light in the tunnel now is that this heart failure (asymmetric beating), is not genetically transferred – it is something that can happen to everyone if something goes just a little bit wrong with the kittens developing inside the uterus.

What has happened to Diesel is not something we want to hide – this is the part of our breed, a part of life, and something all you breeders should be prepared for. We have learned that breeding is not only fun and happiness – it will make you scream of laughter and make you cry of joy, but at the same time make you sad of depression. It is not easy when something like this happens, how do you react? How can we make everyone out there not question our breed, but to see that this is a part of life?

Our dearest Diesel-boy, we hope you have a much better time, wherever you are now! You will NEVER be forgotten – especially by us in (N)Migoto’s and the family that was so happy waiting to get you home…You are already missed a lot




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10 weeks old Diesel sadly crossed the rainbowbridge.. read about it at the top of this page.