S*Safari Kittens Selina Kyle

NFO f 22


Selina is a beautiful NFO typical female. Very promising in all aspects. She is already quite big, has a great NFO coat, her head has a really nice triangle with a good chin. She has a lovely NFO look and great ears. Her temper is wonderful, she loves people a lot and she is one of daddy’s special girls. She is the daughter of (N)Migoto’s Diana from our D2-Litter and we cannot exaggerate how grateful we are for Stefan Dahl allowing us to have this special girl.


Birth: 24th of June 2019
Gender: Female
Fertile: Yes
Father:  S*Safari Kittens Teo De Limaz NFO d
Mother: GIC (N) Migoto’s Diana NFO n 22
Breeder: Stefan Dahl
Owner: Eva Dahl Eide