C3 Litter born Nov 11 2018

C3 Litter born Nov 11 2018

Our C3 litter was born on November 11. This is a very special litter we are very proud of. 5 beautiful kittens.

This is how we describe the parents.

Martine is the undisputed queen of the house and a true diva. She is very beautiful with and excellent look and wonderful green eyes.  Super body and coat quality, long tail and a fantastic temper. Martine is the star of a Norwegian TV series screening Autumn 2018 on Norwegian TV2 (Martine is Kasper in the series Kielergata).

Kalle is our pride and a fantastic male! He became World Winner 2018 as a fertile male. At World Winner 2017 he became NOM with a draw result in class 11 panel as well. He is fantastic in all respects – his temper is also special. A warm-felt thank you to Mia, Kerstin and Lennart for this very special boy! He is the son of (N)Migoto’s Azalea so in his pedigree we find a several well-known (N)Migoto’s cats. Kalle’s father GIC S*Just Catnap’s Dianthus, JW is one of my favorite NFO cats of all times.


Nina Storvik


Vi er en familie på Makrellbekken i Oslo som ser etter norsk skogkatt gutt. Jeg leser at det kom kattunger hos dere 11. november. Hva er status på disse hva gjelder tilgjengelighet, kjønn, farger mv? Skal neppe brukes til utstilling (skjønt ser jo ganske spennende ut….), men kos. Viktig med godt lynne og menneskekjær. Hilsen Nina Storvik (91860046)

Vennlig hilsen Nina

Andrea Nygard

I am in the US and would travel to Norway to purchase a NFO Kitten…
Can you help me?

I have family that travels to Norway frequently…

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