S*Just Catnap’s Esther (Ymse)

NFO d 09 22


Esther is a tall and long NFO girl with fantastic profile line and height of head. She has very nice chin and a special look. She became Norsk Skogkattmester (Best of Best at the Norwegian Union’s annual exhibition 2018, as a kitten). She is very nice in temper and loves her daddy a lot. She has taken part in hundreds of Teams meetings.


Birth: 27nd of December 2017
Gender: Female
Fertile: Yes
Father: GIC S*Just Catnap’s Chad, DVM NFO d 09 22
Mother: (N) Migoto’s Kassandra NFO f 09 22
Breeder: Kerstin & Mia Leonie Kristiansson
Owner: Eva Dahl Eide