Fantastic results at SØRAK

Fantastic results at SØRAK

Saturday 26th of August

WHAT a day we had at SØRAK today 😻🏆🎉❤️
S* Just Catnap’s Charles Fifty nine NFO n 22 Best in Show/class 11🏆💙🎉
(N ) Migoto’s Pernille NFO d Best in Show/kitten 🏆💖🎉
GIC (N ) Migoto’s Isabelle, JW NFO w 63 Best in Show/female 🏆💖🎉
CH (N ) Migoto’s Nils Pils NFO n 03 22 (one Year birthday today 🇳🇴) champion, BIV and NOM🏆💙
(N ) Ravnklo’s Baby Blue NFO f 09 22 ex 1 💖and She won the price for the best charming cat at the show today 💖
S* Just Catnap’s Sassenach NFO f 24 ex 1 💖
DK* Sakeenas La Dolce Vita NFO f 09 23 ex 1 💖
( N ) Migoto’s Best breeding/cat2 with Really high score 🏆
and Eva got a lot of steps at her Fitbit 😹😹😹
with Kerstin KristianssonGyri Leonsen NygårdKjellaug SkareÅge PedersenJosefine Kjærstad
Sakeena Elkington

Sunday 27th of August

What to say?????????
Pernille took her fifth Best in Show today and can call her self a junior winner 🏆💕💗💖
S* Just Catnap’s Charles fifty nine became Best in Show in class 11 🏆💙🎉
GIC (N ) Migoto’s Isabelle, JW Best in Show/female🏆💖💕💗
(N ) Ravnklo’s Baby Blue ex 1, BIV-T and NOM💗
CH (N ) Migoto’s Nils Pils cacib, BIV and NOM with one vote 💙🎉
S* Just Catnap’s Sassenach ex 1 💖
DK* Sakeena’s Dolce Vita ex 1 💖
og stor takk til Hilde Bjørkmann som ble min yndlingsassistent i helgen 💗
and (N ) Migoto’s Best breeding with HIGH score 🏆
with Gyri Leonsen NygårdAnniken KjelstrupKerstin KristianssonJosefine KjærstadKjellaug SkareÅge PedersenSakeena Elkington


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