Fantastic results for (N)Migoto’s in 2016!

Fantastic results for (N)Migoto’s in 2016!


I just need to brag a bit about Migoto’s fantastic results in 2016:

  • Best breeding category 2 / NRR with great scores.
  • Our much beloved Johanne’s title is now NW SW’10 SC(N)Migoto’s Johanne, JW, DSM, DVM NFO f 24 (puh!). She became best adult fertile cat in category 2/NRR as well as best of best in category 2, and there the National Winner title.
  • In addition we had several top 20 placements at both the adult and youngsters category 2/NRR. At the youngsters list Georg was placed 2nd, Isabelle 3rd, Iver 4th and Jarhild as number 10.


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