H2 Litter

Born 27th of March 2016


SC (N)Migoto’s Martine, DVM

NFO n 09 22


S*Dalkullan’s Dobber Man

NFO d 24

Dobber Man is a medium/plus sized male with excellent height and length. He has a straight and excellent profile with very good top of head. He has large well-placed ears and a very good NFO look. His temper is amazing.

Martine is our own very special girl, with a fantastic temper and a curiosity that can have its challenges. She has strong technical qualities too, her ears are close to perfect, she has a long body and tall legs, and fantastic coat quality and her green eyes are to die for. She is the mother of our S-litter, Y-litter and C2-litter, all giving very successful kittens.

We expect that Dobber Man and Martine will produce very race typical NFO cats with strong technical qualities. We expect their temper to be special as both Martine and Dobber Man are very special in this matter – being social and close to their humans.


From 0-12 weeks