(N)Migoto’s Lavrans

NFO e 09 24


Lavrans is from our own special L3-Litter with 9 kittens(!) from our own diva Othelia. We decided to keep Lavrans in our cattery because of his promising all over qualities. His temper is exceptionally sweet, as his mother.


Birth: 12th of July 2020
Gender: Male
Fertile: Yes
Father: CH (N)Fiskerjenta’s Troll, JW NFO n 03 22
Mother: NW SW’12 SC (N) Migoto’s Othelia, JW, DSM, DVM NFO g 09 24
Breeder: Eva Dahl Eide
Owner: Eva Dahl Eide, Host cat at Marita and OleKjell Eidem