I3 Litter

I3 Litter

Born 25th of June 2019


GIC (N)Migoto’s Georgine

NFO n 09 22


WW’18 GIC S*Just Catnap’s Charles Fifty Nine, JW

NFO n 22

Georgine is a large NFO girl with beautiful tabby pattern, a fantastic NFO look and large pointed ears with big tuffs. She has a fantastic temper.

Kalle is our pride and a fantastic male! He became World Winner 2018 as a fertile male. At World Winner 2017 he became NOM with a draw result in class 11 panel as well. He is fantastic in all respects – his temper is also special. A warm-felt thank you to Mia, Kerstin and Lennart for this very special boy! He is the son of (N)Migoto’s Azalea so in his pedigree we find a several well-known (N)Migoto’s cats. Kalle’s father GIC S*Just Catnap’s Dianthus, JW is one of my favorite NFO cats of all times.

We expect that this will give very NFO typical kittens with super temper!



NFO n 22


From 0-12 weeks