(N)Migoto’s Ylja

NFO N 09 22


Ylja is the daughter of Martine. She was sold as a pet to Marysa Alexander. Marysa took her to some shows and Ylja got great judgements. Marysa offered me to use Ylja in my breeding program, and I was both happy and honoured about this opportunity. Ylja has developed to be a very strong female with strong technical qualities in her head. Her ears are fantastic with big lynx and she has the special NFO look I really love.
I want to thank Marysa for this wonderful opportunity.


Birth: 18th of March 2014
Gender: Female
Fertile: No
Father: IC S*Myselisia’s Pepino NFO n 22
Mother: SC(N) Migoto’s Martine, DVM NFO n 09 22
Breeder: Eva Dahl Eide
Owner: Host cat at Marysa Alexander